For over two decades, GreenTech has been at the forefront of the different development drives in the country. At the height of the civil war (1999-2009), GreenTech consultants was the only local consultancy firm carrying out much needed development work in the conflict affected North and East. Establishing the project implementation infrastructure in these areas enabled GreenTech to actively engage in the surge of development/ reconstruction work carried out in the South and East of the country following the 2004 Tsunami; and the post-conflict reconstruction work in the North and East (post 2009). GreenTech has also been a major player in most of the key national development projects, following the renewed focus in strategic development work carried out across all parts of the country (post 2011). GreenTech has worked in all 25 districts of Sri Lanka. This expansive level of coverage has enabled the company to develop a comprehensive knowledge base of the local conditions for successful project implementation and delivery. Over the last 10 years GreenTech has expanded its international reach to provide its services in countries such as Maldives, Seychelles and the Solomon Islands.


Conflict Development (1999-2004)

Post Tsunami Development (2004- 2009)

Post Conflict Development (2009-2011)

Development for Economic Growth (2011 onwards)