About Us

GreenTech Consultants brings together the best local and international expertise on to one platform, to deliver sustainable development solutions. Over the past 17 years, GreenTech has developed a broad work portfolio, with extensive experience in key sectors including water, infrastructure, environment, urban, and social sectors.

As a knowledge based service provider, GreenTech’s key strength is its interdisciplinary pool of experts, drawn from the fields of government, business and academia, who work alongside in-house professional and technical personnel. Owing to its sound track record in successful project implementation and delivery, GreenTech maintains its registration with the following key international development agencies, as a consultancy service provider.

Asian Development Bank

CMS Reg. 002678

World Bank Group

Vendor # 104980

United Nations Global Marketplace


Europe Aid - LKR-2011



Project Management & Technical Services

GreenTech implements proven methodologies when offering project management and technical services, to ensure that all projects are effectively managed and delivered on schedule and within budget.


Support Capabilities

In addition to the head office in Colombo, GreenTech has a network of district offices in Trincomalee, Jaffna, Badulla, Kandy, and Rathnapura, as well as a regional presence in Maldives, Seychelles and Solomon Islands providing the necessary technical support to teams on site, and facilitating the smooth progression of multiple projects


Quality Assurance

GreenTech’s commitment to providing quality based consultancy services and its long-standing professionalism within the local and international arenas, reflects GreenTech’s credibility as a consultancy firm of the highest international standards. Further, it ensures complete financial transparency in all its activities and is audited by KPMG.